What we don't do

There are too many email marketing tools out there so we'll just tell you what we don't have.

We don't track email reads.

We only track clicks, unsubscribes and bounces.

We really want to say that we believe in the whole data privacy movement, but the truth is we don't find it useful.

Open rates are affected by many different factors other than your email content - the email client, the email server, or whether your subscriber deletes it before opening. If you were to treat your open rates seriously, you would have to factor all these external factors in.

Why not just focus on the metrics that matter? Clicks mean conversion, unsubscribe means one less uninterested prospect and bounces mean that it probably isn't going to be read by a human being anyway.

We don't charge by your current list size

Instead, we sell you "email credits" which you are free to use any time you want, and you can accumulate over months.

Most email marketing tools charge you by the size of your current list, meaning if you have 100,000 subscribers, you will be paying $X every month, even though you don't send regular emails to them. And that forces you to send regular emails to justify what you pay for.

Most businesses don't need to send out a montly newsletter. Some businesses may just need transactional emails every now and then and a couple of campaigns throughout the year. We understand this as we have clients who run such businesses.

So our pricing model is based on how many emails you send, not how many subscribers you have. In other words, pay for usage, not storage.

For $70/month, you can potentially send up to 4 million emails per year.

Why do you then have a monthly subscription model?

Because it is simply easier to administer and maintain. Easier on us, but also means less cost to maintain so our pricing can remain cheap.

We don't do email sequence or automation

Not yet, but we have plans to do that.

At the moment we are only offering Campaign emails, and you can target subscribers based on different filters. We have and Events API that allows you to register different customer lifecycle events on Segmail from your apps so that you can select them for the next targeted campaign.

Read more about this in the Events API page.

We cater to businesses who don't really need sophisticated email automation capabilities and only send out a few campaign emails a year. Our pricing model doesn't force you send out a monthly or even daily newsletter, if you don't need to.

We don't provide nice email templates

We only have an inline editor that is simple and generates content that fits into most email apps nicely for your subscribers.

Check it out:

We host your images for you as well. You can access the same photo album in all of your Campaigns.

We don't guarantee deliverability

But we can set up domain verification and DKIM signing for your domain.

You'll definitely do better if you set up your own email sending infrastructure. We cater to businesses who send infrequent emails and just need minimal deliverability.

We send your emails through our own AWS account. You may be able to use your own account, but we use ours as far as possible because we know our sending limits and can manage them better.

We also need to track bounces so using our own account is a better option to us.

If you have special requirements that you would like us to help you with, just reach out to us via the chat widget at the bottom right of this page.