What we don't do

It’s a very competitive space with tonnes of email marketing tool providers out there, so instead of making you going through a whole list of features you are not interested in, it makes more sense to list out things we don’t do so that you can quickly see if we don’t fit your needs.

Charge by the size of your email list

Lots of companies do this, and we still wonder why…why charge a business by the size of its subscriber list and then force them to send out more than necessary number of emails every month to justify the monthly fee? We realise that storing email addresses isn’t expensive – it’s sending emails out. Why force a business to pay $1000 per month and then force them to send out a bunch of junk newsletters to their leads (not even customers in the first place)? What does that achieve?

Our pricing model is pay-as-you-send – you are paying for email credits that can be accumulated over several months. If you have a million subscribers but only send out 3 email campaigns every year, you can actually sign up for our high volume plan, which gives you 300,000 credits every month but can be accumulated to 1 million so that you can send out 3 campaigns to your entire list per year.

For $70/month, you can potentially send up to 4 million emails per year.

Alternatively, if you only send out emails to certain segments of your subscriber base, you can also get a cheaper plan, but target a specific segment of your list using our Segments feature.

Email Open Tracking

Besides the fact that spy pixels are intrusive, GDPR laws require you to get explicit consent from your subscribers before tracking when and where they open your email. Some subscribers can choose to have their email open tracked, some don’t – that means we would have to decide if a spy pixel has to be added to each email sent out.

Additionally, while it is useful to know if your emails are being opened, click conversions are more interesting as it tells you more about the email content than the open rate. We have decided not to implement open tracking at the moment, but we wouldn’t rule out as something on our future roadmap.


Since we are targeting businesses with large list and send just a few campaign emails a year, automation is not yet a priority in the roadmap, but again we wouldn’t rule it out in the future.

Nice Email Templates

Instead, we provide a generic inline editor which you can create the email you want.

We host your images for you as well. You can access the same photo album in all of your Campaigns.

Not Listening to You

We build this product to cater to businesses that don’t want to pay a high monthly fee and have to be forced to send out more emails than they need to, so we are definitely listening to our customers. Feel free to reach out to us in the chat widget on our landing page.