Send Customized Emails to subscribers as and when you need to

Transactional emails are emails you send to your customers when you need to notify them of certain actions they have taken or they have to take.

For example, if you sell content products , you would need to send your customers a download link after they buy something.

If you run a consulting business where your customers can make an appointment with you, you would send them a confirmation email after they’ve made one.

sample transactional email template

How does it work?

We host the template, you create and update it on your Segmail portal, and hit an API endpoint to send to your subscribers in real-time.

Create as many template as you need for all kinds of customized email you want to send in different unique situation.


Each Transactional Email (TE) you send count towards your total email usage. You can roughly estimate the number of TEs you will need per month first, then upgrade if your quota is insufficient later.

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How to send a Transactional Email?

4 easy steps:

  1. Create a list.
  2. Start collecting subscribers/import/sync from your existing datasource.
  3. Create a TE template in Segmail.
  4. Hit an API endpoint from your apps/systems in realtime.

Go to the full guide .

Does my customer need to be subscribed to a list in order to receive a Transactional Email from me?

Yes, sending a TE is like sending a normal campaign email.

If your customer has unsubscribed themselves from the list, then you would not be able to reach them anymore.

Do you track open rates for Transactional Emails?

Not by default at the moment, but please speak to us if you require this. (Reach out to us in the chat widget at the bottom right of this page)