Email marketing at a more Flexible pricing.

Our pricing is based on the number of emails you send, not the number of email address you store. Check out our pricing

Pay more if you send more frequently, and pay less if you send less frequently. Simple and flexible.

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Firstly, A pricing model that just scales better

With Segmail, your email costs will increase linearly according to your usage, not exponentially like most providers.

If you only send out 2-3 campaigns a year, Segmail's pricing would make more sense to you.

Even if you do send out a million emails a month, Segmail still makes sense.

# Other provider Another provider Segmail
100 $19 Free $12.00
1,000 $10 $20 $12.00
10,000 $149 $80 $12.00
100,000 $750 $475 $30.00
300,000 $2,250 $23,000 $70.00

Also, We have Transactional Emails too!

You can send transactional emails with us in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create template using our inline editor, insert {{placeholders}}.

  2. Authenticate and get your Token.

  3. Hit our POST endpoint with the Token and it's done!

Learn more about ✉️ Transactional Emails ✉️
sample transactional email template
sample curl command for sending transactional emails

Simple campaigns, but with a variety of selection of targets

If you want a more dynamic selection like selecting people who signed up after certain date, or people who clicked on something interesting on your website, Segmail offers the following selection criteria:

  • Select your customers from different signup sources (via Lists)

  • Select your customers with certain preference when they signed up (eg. Interested in certain products)

  • Select your customers who clicked on something in your website (via our Events API)

Our pricing

Charge by monthly usage, not list size. Cancel anytime.


$12 / month

  • 10,000 emails, comprising of:
  • Campaign emails
  • Transactional emails
  • Max 5 Lists
  • Accumulate up to 30,000 email credits
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$30 / month

  • 100,000 emails, comprising of:
  • Campaign emails
  • Transactional emails
  • Unlimited # of Lists
  • Accumulate up to 500,000 email credits

High Volume

$70 / month

  • 300,000 emails, comprising of:
  • Campaign emails
  • Transactional emails
  • Unlimited # of Lists
  • Accumulate up to 1 million email credits
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We use AWS's infrastructure to send your emails.
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