Pay for effective emails, not storage.

Traditional email marketing tools charge by the number of subscribers you own. Segmail only charges you by the number of emails you send.

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You will only be charged when you send an email. That way you don't have to be pressured into sending monthly emails to your list to fully utilize your cost if your business does not require you to do so.

A pricing model that scales better

SegMail strips off the fancy features and focus on the most important ones, that is why we have managed to only charge a consistent low monthly fee no matter how big your list is. On top of the fixed monthly fee, you will only need to pay when you send effective emails, including double opt-in confirmation emails.

You will find that our pricing scales better as your list grows, compared to other providers.

# Other provider Another provider Segmail
100 $19 Free $29.20
1,000 $29 $20 $29.20
10,000 $149 $80 $31.00
100,000 $750 $475 $49.00

Subscriber-centric model: one subscriber, many lists or segments.

Traditional email marketing providers offer a "list-centric" model that will result in duplicated subscribers and, as a result, double charging for the number of subscribers.

SegMail allows you to add one subscriber to many lists, and at the same time, prevent duplicated sending. You can now maintain multiple lists and yet send a consistent message out to all your customers.

Only one plan:

$29 per month + $0.20 per 1,000 emails sent

Have a large list? Click her......nah, don't worry, pay the same $29 as everyone else. We won't rip you off just because you are big.

Just create your account and you'll be set to go!

Oh did we mentioned this? We'll waive off your monthly $29 until you have sent out your first email with us, that is, either you get your first signup and a confirmation email is sent, or you import your own list and start sending emails.

Happy sending!

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