We track open rates now!

You can now see open rates on your campaigns. When you start your campaign, you will see the number of opened emails and the percentage as part of the stats in the campaign overview page:


There are some limitations though:

  • Open tracking is not exactly accurate – some email hosts will block “spy pixels” to protect their users. It is invasive because you can send an email to a stranger and know their exact location through their IP address. Eg. Hey, a new popular email host, blocks spy pixels and informs their users if a spy pixel is detected.
  • Some email hosts will allow images, but it will load them from a proxy to protect their users so that the sender cannot know the exact IP location of the recipient. Gmail does this, but whether it cares about protecting its users or just wants to cache everything on the web is…debatable.
  • With the 2 above reasons, we will not provide individual email open information but only aggregated at the campaign level for the moment.


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